30 minutes              - £20

A Celtic Cross reading, using 11 cards. This session will explore your past, present, future and other factors which are important right now.


1hr                          - £35

A Celtic Cross reading, using 11 cards. The 1hr session allows for more exploration of the cards or the time can be used to perform a second reading, based on a situation of choice

A remote reading enables a client to receive a reading from the comfort of their own home. Because of distance and commitments, not everyone can make it to see a reader in person: Skype really is the next best thing, allowing reader and client to connect to spirit in the same way as they would if sitting opposite one another at the table.

If you would like to book a 1-1 Skype session with Steven, please click your Skype Session preference below and it will take you through the payment procedure.

Skype Readings & Mentoring

"Whenever I am unsure of a situation in my life, I go to Steven for a reading. His gift helps me make a more informed decision.


I will always go to him for spiritual guidance. His gift and insight is second to none" -


Laura, Kent 

Skype Readings

As well as reading for clients on Skype, Steven has also mentored many new (and experienced) readers online. Whether you are interested in learning tarot on a 1-1 basis from the beginning, want to learn about the Court Cards, would like help with your readings or want to learn a clear or effective way to read the Celtic Cross Spread, Steven is ready to assist you.


Before purchasing, please write to Steve with your request and he will work out the best way for you to proceed before ordering.

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