New Testimonials

"I had a reading with Steve a little while ago, and although I had not told him what the issue was, the cards and Steve's interpretation reflected very accurately what was happening for me and what was needed for me to reach my goal"


M, Bromley

"Steve has read my tarot on a few occasions now and he is so accurate. Through his readings, Steve has helped me to uncover specific issues and through some really interesting discussions he has enabled me to better understand my self and my life’s direction. Steve’s readings are always interesting, empowering and energising. He is insightful, honest, thoughtful and considered in his approach" -


N, Margate

All comments from clients, students, and peers are greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

"Steve's tarot course was excellent, really well planned to enable beginners to access the cards in a structured way. I have learnt so much and would highly recommend the course to others"


Claire, Kent

"The Introduction to Tarot course was absolutely fantastic. To have a good basic understanding of 78 cards in just 5 weeks is no mean feat, yet Steven was able to transfer his knowledge, passion and understanding of the tarot to us remarkably easily. The course was interesting, informative & really good fun. Steven is a truly wonderful teacher whose patience, understanding, good humour & in-depth knowledge of the tarot made the experience so pleasurable. It didn't feel like learning, yet at the end of the course, I had gone from a virtual novice to being able to read a basic tarot spread with confidence.


The layered structure of the Minor Arcana, followed by the Courts & Major Arcana really helped to build my ability and courage in my own competence. The tasks were all varied, enjoyable and engaging which really enhanced the experience. Steven really puts you at your ease, encourages you to have faith in your own ability and is clearly highly experienced and enthusiastic about the tarot. I felt I learnt a considerable amount in a short time and had an immensely enjoyable & positive experience whilst doing so.


I couldn't recommend Steven & the Introduction to Tarot Course highly enough and I'm really looking forward to taking part in his next course"


Kate, Kent

"Steven is a superb teacher, who puts a lot of thought into his class content. He created some inspirational teaching tools. Steve's course is excellent and innovative"


Sue Henderson-Bell, Kent

"My first introduction to tarot has been amazing and I feel that Steve has made each session interesting, informative and enjoyable. I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in learning tarot and gaining confidence!"


Mandy, Kent

"A wonderful reading, which cleared a lot of confusion and made me feel very positive"


Kelly, Kent

"Excellent! My third reading and spot on as usual. Can't wait for my next one!"


Kelly, Kent

"Great reading, once again. I will take the positives with me!"


Pam, Kent

"Mine and a friends tarot were spot on. Thank you!"


Suzannah, Kent

"Thank you so much for the reading. It has helped me to clear my head a little. You explained everything so well and went through everything so patiently. I could associate the cards with what is going on at present."


Sandra, Kent

"Steven is a rare and gifted Tarot Reader whose insightful and detailed reading of Tarot will not disappoint anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of their situation and insight as to what steps to take in order to achieve their goal. Though continents apart, Steven was able to provide me with an intimate reading that read no different from someone sitting across from me. His choice of spread and the subsequent card selection not only helped me identify challenges I am currently facing, but he also presented me with alternatives and strategies for growth. Steven’s careful analysis provided the insight and tools to help me move forward and achieve my goals. I’m deeply indebted to Steven and his intuitive gifts for helping me find a way through my obstacles" -


Walter, Miami FL

"Thank you for the reading yesterday. Very enlightening. Looking forward to letting go and moving on!"


Daphne, Kent

"Thank you, Steven, for this insightful Angelic Message reading. It was powerful and so very accurate. Your messages applied directly to what is going on in my life currently. I appreciate your talent and the great work you are doing" -


George Koury, Spirit Loves You, New York, NY


"One of the most interesting new tarot voices emerging in the worldwide tarot community is Steven Bright of Tiferet Tarot.


Steven is knowledgeable and compassionate, ethical and intelligent. His ability to deeply connect with his intuition and the tarot images is impressive" -


Christiana Gaudet, author of Fortune Stella and Tarot Tour Guide, Florida, United States


"You have such a way of taking something difficult and turning it into something inspirational. You have such a gift" -


Donnaleigh De LaRose, Beyond Worlds


"Loved the course. Felt very much at ease and comfortable with the level I was at in tarot and those around me in the group. Not sure if Steve realises how good of a teacher is really is!"


Claire, Kent

"His views and interpretations of the cards (both tarot and oracle) are insightful and refreshing" -


Emily Ellershaw, co-author and co-creator of Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards